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SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. – Constantly changing weather has been a burden on North Jersey dog owners. Veterinarians have been seeing a spike in Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease carried by small mammals that can be deadly to canines.

The New Jersey Animal Welfare Association is offering designated weekend times for your busy schedule. Vaccines will be given at AWA locations near you, every Saturday. Other vaccines will be offered as well but, however, Leptospirosis vaccine will cost 16 dollars.


The AWA says there are a few things to help stop the spread of Leptospirosis. Being vigilant during a walk and staying away from usual dog routes or parks will help as the disease mostly spreads through urine. Keeping dogs on a leash during these months of confusing weather will protect your canine.


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Angela Wise from the Camden Vet on Wheels says “Leptospirosis is very dangerous for canines and owners alike. We have seen five canine deaths this season, which is unusually large. I suggest double checking your furry friends paperwork to stay up-to-date on all vaccines.” Angela Wise will be working for Vet on Wheels in Camden New Jersey on March 22.

If you wish to learn more about the vaccines offered or designated vaccine days, please go to Be apart of the conversation by using #LeptospirosisNomore on social media platforms.

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Mobile Reporting: Can Life Survive Outside Earth?



Meghan and I decided to ask participants about the news that 7 new planets have been discovered by scientists and may have similar ecosystems to earth. This topic is very relevant because no discovery like this has been made until now. Many people have discussed what this could mean for civilization and there are talks in Dubai about creating a city on Mars by 2100. Since this topic involved the entire world, not just one political or ethnic group, we believe it is relevant for anyone on the street and so choose it.

The three questions we asked, made sense to us because of the topic and the participants.

  1. Have you heard about the recent discovery of 7 planets that have similarities to Earth?
  2. What do you think this could mean for civilization.
  3. If you had the chance, would you move to one of these planets?

Firstly, we wanted to make sure that the participants had heard about the topic in case we needed to explain anything to them. Secondly, we wanted to get peoples opinions on the whole notion of life beyond earth. Thirdly, we wanted to see if people would actually contemplate moving to one of these planets since it has been a big pop culture phenomenon to discuss living on other planets.

We choose the hashtag #newplanets because it gets to the point without any added explanation.

We had three participants who answered the questions in a couple different ways. The first participant, Amanda, said that she had heard about the new planets and thought it sounded exciting even though she is not very familiar with space. She also said that she would probably not move to a new planet especially since it most likely won’t be habitable until after our dealths.

Our second participant, Jason, did not really have an opinion on the new solar system and said he would not move to a new planet.

Our third participant, Danielle, said that she had heard and thought it could mean opportunities for the future such as a new place for civilization to live. She also said that she would only move to a new planet if she could bring her whole family as well.