Mobile Reporting

Journalists have found the need to catch up with the technology world, especially after the boom of user generated content. Mobile reporting is being able to report on the go and at any time. Being able to break a story in the early morning before anyone else is a big benefit of journalist utilizing social media. One of the first instances of mobile reporting was when a journalist was inside a courtroom and was able to live tweet everything that was going on. The best stories are the ones that are remote and can’t otherwise be reported on such as oversees or places with little connection to the outside world.

There are two types of reporters, the gearheads and the light travelers. The gearheads tend to take everything you could possibly need such as laptops, cameras, smartphones, Internet connectors, cables and recording equipment. The light travelers only really need a smartphone and internet to accomplish their goals.

Many news organizations like the features that can alert the public immediately such as push notifications from apps and social media. Now they are able to receive news from all over, just because of the internet. Another benefit of mobile reporting is being able to send a reporter somewhere and not having to wait till they get back from their trip to get the story.


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