My First Adventure with a Live Twitter Chat


I have never participated in a twitter chat, which is evident as I had some technical difficulties and arrived to the conversation two hours late. However, I did prevail and thought that the discussion was interesting and engaging. The chat was about what Seton Hall University can do in order to continue communication with student and better it. The hashtag for the chat was #SHUTransition and many students voiced their opinions on the announcement that Seton Hall’s president Dr. Esteban is moving to DePaul.

I found the discussion to be interesting because people were able to organize their thoughts and I can absolutely understand how this would be helpful to companies. However, the time constraint does not seem necessary because I think ongoing conversation produces more thoughtful ideas and could generate more feedback.

Personally, I don’t use twitter that much to begin with so I will most likely not participate in future live chats but I do understand the positive aspects they produce.

My first tweet related to how SHU could make information more accessible. I think the Seton Hall website has so many different levels that it can be difficult to find the specific information you might need.

The second tweet I posted was in response to Brittany’s tweet about having an open social media conversation with the hashtag #AskDrEsteban. I thought that was a good idea but that Dr. Esteban might not be very technologically inclined and could utilize a manager or communications director.

My third tweet responded to Megan, who thought it was surprising that DePaul did not coordinate with Seton Hall for the announcement. I agreed especially because the schools are so connected through sports.

The fourth tweet was in response to Molly’s tweet about SHU not utilizing the media and understanding communication tactics. I responded to that because I don’t think Shu focuses enough on inter-department communication.

One tweet I liked was Andrew’s about focusing on positivity rather than letting the rumor mill fly. I think this is a good tactic, which could also be an opportunity to partner with DePaul.

The second tweet, which I thought had good insight, was from Lisa who pointed out that Seton Hall has not done a good job in trying to stop rumors flying around school and on social media. I also believe that SHU does a poor job in responding and keeping open communication with students.

Unfortunately, wordpress is not allowing me to embed the tweet so I will post a URL and screenshot.






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