Blog Pitch

President Esteban,

As we bring Seton Hall University into the social media age, I believe that Seton Hall could benefit from a single outlet to give a voice to you and your team. What I propose is a blog that could be utilized in order discuss the issues you see facing higher education. This platform could be a great tool not only to promote the school but also to give it a voice in the national discussion.

So what is a blog you may ask, well it is an online content management system and way to publish your own content on your own terms. It utilizes a two-way communication system, which allows users to comment on posts and provide feedback.

There are three characteristics to a good blog. The first is to make sure your site is frequently updated in chronological order. The second characteristic is that each post receives a headline and content, which can include graphics and links. The third is to allow comments in order to receive feedback from readers.

These three characteristics will not only help the blog grow but will also help you learn how to make the posts better and better. Blogs are also a great public relations tool because they are a platform for connecting with the public. A public relations professional must bridge the gap between client and public and blog allows them to receive public feedback while addressing issues in an open and honest manner. Not only are blogs written by real people, but they are also completely customizable, as Ian Felton has explained in “Blogs as Excellent Public Relations Tools.” He explains that the traditional media has started visiting blogs because it is an outlet that sends all new posts to anyone who follows it.

A couple tips for building a personal branded blog is firstly to focus on Content, says Sarah Green, writer of “Key Strategies for Using Blogging to Build Personal Brand.” She continues to explain that material should be relevant to the topic and that it can attract new customers while retaining regulars. The layout is also important and a visual identity will make your blog more memorable. Her final suggestion is to make sure that all your social media platforms are connected so that there is an intermedia relationship between all accounts.

I believe that this blog could create the perfect platform in order to join the discussion in higher education and showcasing what Seton Hall’s views are on many topics.

The best target audiences for a Seton Hall blog is as follows:

  1. Active students: Students already have an idea about the SHU vision and are able to bring a bigger network through sharing on social media.
  2. Prospective student: This blog could really display what you love most about SHU and give prospective student insight into what they could expect.
  3. The higher education community: If this blog specifically discusses higher education then this community is good for continuing the swapping of ideas.
  4. The Catholic Church: There will be posts specifically about the catholic faith as this is a religious institution.
  5. Parents: This is a way to gain feedback from parents on many topics that arise at SHU.

If you have any questions about how to start a blog, this video can guide you through the first steps in making your new platform.

Other blogs that are some good inspiration are Wesleyan University, and Washington College.

I hope you found this information interesting and will get started on a blog as soon as you can!


Barbara Horning



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