Brittany and Barbara’s Twitter Scavenger Hunt-Seton Hall Edition

We had a lot of fun and learned some things we didn’t know on this scavenger hunt about Seton Hall. We choose to showcase what we think is great about Seton Hall and we want to share that with you.

Introduction Tweets:

School Spirit: We chose Marisa because she is definitely a huge Pirates fan but, she also is very dedicated to the school with her studies and within the Greek Community on campus.

Favorite eating spot: We wanted to find something different because everyone seems to dislike the food in the caf so, we wanted to find someone who actually enjoyed it!

Professor on the street: Dr. Shana Russell was chosen for the professor on the street because she young enough that she is on every major social media platform but still old enough to still have seen the rise of social media.

Student on the street: Denise was an interesting subject for the Student on the Street category because she actually does not like to get her news from social media or anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Academic Excellence: Although Seton Hall has an amazing scientific research facility, we choose to highlight the interactive Seminarian program. The catholic teachings at this school are very important to the curriculum. This year the Seminarians were able to go on the same pilgrimage that Jesus observed in Israel. They were very moved by their experiences and I think it’s important to advertise that to prospective students.

Scenic Spot: I choose to showcase the beautiful South Mountain Reservation that is just a couple blocks away from the Seton Hall campus. This area has numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the reservation and many locals can be seen on a morning stroll or an afternoon picnic.

Little-Known Fact: We wanted to showcase how diverse Seton Hall is and how the student population is a great cultural hub. This also showcases connections with other countries and the notion of studying abroad.

Fanatic Fans: Rebecca Marcinko and Kaitlyn Bunch are members of the Seton Hall Band and attend all basketball games. They enjoy playing in the band so much that they aren’t bothered if the team isn’t doing so well.

Extracurricular Extravaganza: Greek life has grown so much on campus, I wanted to showcase the good that it does instead of what is shown TV and in movies.

Freestyle: As for our freestyle post, we wanted to showcase not only the girls volleyball team but also the fact that Seton Hall has an intramural sports program that students who just want to play for fun can join.

Video: I wanted to show the housing opportunities around Seton Hall so I decided to make a video of the view of NYC from the Ivy Hill Apartments, which are a cheap housing option located directly behind campus.

Top 5 best Scavenger posts:

  1. The first post we liked is by Megan Stolarz and was about the Seton Hall Radio, which we think is a great feature of the school.

2. The second post we liked was about hanging in Dunkin before class, which is an usual occurrence for any Seton Hall student.

3. We loved this tweet by Nick because of the school spirit and funnily enough we thought about asking Tim for a quote too!

4. The fourth tweet we liked was about architecture in Mcnulty, which is really amazing and we think it’s good to showcase that.

5. Finally, we loved this picture of the campus chapel, it’s so beautiful and a safe place for many students.

Response tweet:


The most interesting thing about the scavenger hunt was going around searching for various opinions of what the question was, it would have been boring if everyone said the same exact thing. However, that was also the most difficult part of the scavenger hunt. Although it was tough and took us longer than expected, we still had a fun time going around and asking people for quotes and their opinions.


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