Collaboration in Journalism and PR

Collaborative journalism is a type of journalism that utilized multiple sources and contributors in order to create a story. It is important because it is a collaboration of effort, which helps round out a story. So why do we collaborate? One reason is that technology is always changing and having different people working on one project is a way to keep up with the rapid growth of technology because one person may know something the others didn’t. There a many types of collaboration, one would be open-source reporting, which utilized the public to submit content, which in turn is used in the article. This is a style that is widely used in today’s media such as CNN’s IReport which allows viewers to submit content and videos to be used on segments.

Dealing with the public can be challenging because you never know how your response can be taken but one rule is never to delete a comment unless it is derogatory or inappropriate. It is important to be aware of the media trends so that you can answer trends in an informed manner.  It is also smart to define the attacker and understand what viewpoint they might be coming from. Try not to be defensive but instead use reason and information to help that person understand their problem. As the representative of your company, it is your duty to know what information you are allowed to release so be careful with what you respond to and how you do it.


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