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SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. – Constantly changing weather has been a burden on North Jersey dog owners. Veterinarians have been seeing a spike in Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease carried by small mammals that can be deadly to canines.

The New Jersey Animal Welfare Association is offering designated weekend times for your busy schedule. Vaccines will be given at AWA locations near you, every Saturday. Other vaccines will be offered as well but, however, Leptospirosis vaccine will cost 16 dollars.


The AWA says there are a few things to help stop the spread of Leptospirosis. Being vigilant during a walk and staying away from usual dog routes or parks will help as the disease mostly spreads through urine. Keeping dogs on a leash during these months of confusing weather will protect your canine.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.55.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.58.37 PM.png

Angela Wise from the Camden Vet on Wheels says “Leptospirosis is very dangerous for canines and owners alike. We have seen five canine deaths this season, which is unusually large. I suggest double checking your furry friends paperwork to stay up-to-date on all vaccines.” Angela Wise will be working for Vet on Wheels in Camden New Jersey on March 22.

If you wish to learn more about the vaccines offered or designated vaccine days, please go to Be apart of the conversation by using #LeptospirosisNomore on social media platforms.

For press or media inquiries, please contact Barbara Horning at (415) 680-4438 or email  Twitter: @Barbarahorning7


About The Animal Welfare Association

Animal Welfare Association (AWA),  a private, non-profit, 501(c)3 animal welfare organization, operates the oldest and largest low-cost spay/neuter clinic, adoption center and no-kill animal shelter in South Jersey. We do not receive funds from the government or national groups. We rely upon local donations to fund our life-saving programs. Through a variety of innovative programs including adoptions, veterinary services, pet therapy, trap-neuter-return and humane education, we strive to ensure that animal companionship is accessible to all. For more information, visit

Relevant Links: 

AWA Facebook Page

AWA Instagram Account


All people and quotes are fictional.


Mobile Reporting: Can Life Survive Outside Earth?



Meghan and I decided to ask participants about the news that 7 new planets have been discovered by scientists and may have similar ecosystems to earth. This topic is very relevant because no discovery like this has been made until now. Many people have discussed what this could mean for civilization and there are talks in Dubai about creating a city on Mars by 2100. Since this topic involved the entire world, not just one political or ethnic group, we believe it is relevant for anyone on the street and so choose it.

The three questions we asked, made sense to us because of the topic and the participants.

  1. Have you heard about the recent discovery of 7 planets that have similarities to Earth?
  2. What do you think this could mean for civilization.
  3. If you had the chance, would you move to one of these planets?

Firstly, we wanted to make sure that the participants had heard about the topic in case we needed to explain anything to them. Secondly, we wanted to get peoples opinions on the whole notion of life beyond earth. Thirdly, we wanted to see if people would actually contemplate moving to one of these planets since it has been a big pop culture phenomenon to discuss living on other planets.

We choose the hashtag #newplanets because it gets to the point without any added explanation.

We had three participants who answered the questions in a couple different ways. The first participant, Amanda, said that she had heard about the new planets and thought it sounded exciting even though she is not very familiar with space. She also said that she would probably not move to a new planet especially since it most likely won’t be habitable until after our dealths.

Our second participant, Jason, did not really have an opinion on the new solar system and said he would not move to a new planet.

Our third participant, Danielle, said that she had heard and thought it could mean opportunities for the future such as a new place for civilization to live. She also said that she would only move to a new planet if she could bring her whole family as well.


Mobile Reporting

Journalists have found the need to catch up with the technology world, especially after the boom of user generated content. Mobile reporting is being able to report on the go and at any time. Being able to break a story in the early morning before anyone else is a big benefit of journalist utilizing social media. One of the first instances of mobile reporting was when a journalist was inside a courtroom and was able to live tweet everything that was going on. The best stories are the ones that are remote and can’t otherwise be reported on such as oversees or places with little connection to the outside world.

There are two types of reporters, the gearheads and the light travelers. The gearheads tend to take everything you could possibly need such as laptops, cameras, smartphones, Internet connectors, cables and recording equipment. The light travelers only really need a smartphone and internet to accomplish their goals.

Many news organizations like the features that can alert the public immediately such as push notifications from apps and social media. Now they are able to receive news from all over, just because of the internet. Another benefit of mobile reporting is being able to send a reporter somewhere and not having to wait till they get back from their trip to get the story.

Moving Forward, Seton Hall’s Next Chapter


Team members: Barbara Horning, Tarsha Prindle

Overall Goal: To maintain an interactive two-way communication with all parties affected by the change in administration. This campaign will help inform concerned students and parents while allowing them to feel involved and important. Administration and faculty will be top priority as they are most affected by the change. Through constant communication, Seton Hall will assure administration that everything will continue to run as usual and that their voice will be heard.







Tweet for Students: “We are saddened to inform you that President Esteban has decided to continue his career at DePaul University, #movingforward with questions”

Tweet for Administration: “A change in administration can have positive and negative effects, we hope this will open communication with faculty/staff #movingforward”

The Facebook post will be targeted at parents and students and will describe Esteban’s reasoning and how the university is going to move forward.  “After many years of passionate service, Seton Hall University’s 20th president, Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban, will be moving forward in his career to Chicago’s DePaul University this summer. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors and would like to acknowledge all that Dr. Esteban has done for our great school. Not only did President Esteban inherit Seton Hall during a difficult era, but he oversaw the most growth ever seen. Seton Hall ranking has gone up with the rise in enrollment, which has allowed for many new campus upgrades and the creation of the Seton Hall medical school opening in 2018. However, Dr. Esteban is happy to be moving closer to family and we wish him good health and happiness. We are saddened to see this great legacy go but we shall move forward with the hiring process and find someone to live up to this great academic institution.”

As for a blog post, we will utilize WordPress in order to reach a large audience while being able to make longer posts and create discussion through comments. The author will be a student who has been involved with the school for at least three years and most likely has written for the Setonian. Seton Hall would partner with this student and give content in order for the student to blog it in an interactive and relatable way. The partnership mutually beneficial, because the school will offer it as an internship. The title of the Blog will be “The Pirate’s Plank: Moving Forward” and will be targeted at students and faculty in order to bring more perspective and a voice to the university. The theme will not just be hard news but will also have opinions and fun memes about the university.

The first blog post will be for students and discuss what they can look forward to.

“Our Future: Let’s Walk The Plank Together”

The second post will be for Alumni and will reminisce on Dr. Esteban’s years at Seton Hall.

“Saying Goodbye: A Pirate’s Salute”

DePaul Announcement:

“Within minutes, DePauls University’s new president, Dr. Esteban, will be be providing an overview of his plans.”

“12th president of DePaul University is sitting down with Vice Chair James T. Ryan to introduce himself and his plans for the school.”

“Did you know Dr. Esteban was an immigrant?Go check out his interview with James. T. Ryan”

“‘I am Honored to have the opportunity to shape (DePaul’s) future in partnership with the university community’-Dr. Esteban”

“Dr. Esteban has utilized the theme of diversity in many of his question answers.”

Student Questions and Answers:

  • Who do we contact with our questions and concerns?

o   All questions and concerns can be addressed through posting on social media, as someone else may have the same concern.

  • Will this transition effect school events, primarily graduation?

o   Many school events are already set in place such as graduation and will not be effected at this time.  Moving forward the new calendar year may have minor changes, which are currently unforeseen.

  • When will this transition be taking place?

o   This transition is taking place in July to try and create a smooth transition and allow any issues to be ironed out before the fall semester begins.  The final date has not been determined as of yet.

  • How can we be sure that the new administrator will meet our needs

o   Unfortunately we can’t assure that.  We can assure informative updates and two way communication.

  • There are so many rumors going around, will Dr. Esteban be holding a press conference?

o   Dr. Esteban will be hosting a webinar and all are invited.  This webinar will take place in June after final exams and grades are completed in May, so there are no interruptions during exam times.

The virtual event that students can participate in will be a webinar with a panel including President Esteban and others involved in the decision. There will also be Public Relations and communications specialist to help keep the conversation flowing. Students, parents, faculty and administration can watch the webinar from anywhere and post questions for the panelists to answer. A webinar if perfect for a university since many students live off campus and have different schedules. There will also be a twitter tag for people to ask questions with in case they cannot watch the webinar live. The webinar will be put onto the university website so it is accessible to those who missed it or want to watch again. The name of the event will be “Moving Forward: Saying goodbye to Esteban” and will be on a live video feed such as through facebook, twitter or a webinar website.

Other media that will be published are photos that sum up Esteban’s presidency, similar to how picture from Barack Obama’s time started trending at the end of his presidency. This will be a positive change and we will ask students to send in videos on social media explaining good memories they have of Esteban or commenting on what they hope to see for Seton Hall University in the future.


My First Adventure with a Live Twitter Chat


I have never participated in a twitter chat, which is evident as I had some technical difficulties and arrived to the conversation two hours late. However, I did prevail and thought that the discussion was interesting and engaging. The chat was about what Seton Hall University can do in order to continue communication with student and better it. The hashtag for the chat was #SHUTransition and many students voiced their opinions on the announcement that Seton Hall’s president Dr. Esteban is moving to DePaul.

I found the discussion to be interesting because people were able to organize their thoughts and I can absolutely understand how this would be helpful to companies. However, the time constraint does not seem necessary because I think ongoing conversation produces more thoughtful ideas and could generate more feedback.

Personally, I don’t use twitter that much to begin with so I will most likely not participate in future live chats but I do understand the positive aspects they produce.

My first tweet related to how SHU could make information more accessible. I think the Seton Hall website has so many different levels that it can be difficult to find the specific information you might need.

The second tweet I posted was in response to Brittany’s tweet about having an open social media conversation with the hashtag #AskDrEsteban. I thought that was a good idea but that Dr. Esteban might not be very technologically inclined and could utilize a manager or communications director.

My third tweet responded to Megan, who thought it was surprising that DePaul did not coordinate with Seton Hall for the announcement. I agreed especially because the schools are so connected through sports.

The fourth tweet was in response to Molly’s tweet about SHU not utilizing the media and understanding communication tactics. I responded to that because I don’t think Shu focuses enough on inter-department communication.

One tweet I liked was Andrew’s about focusing on positivity rather than letting the rumor mill fly. I think this is a good tactic, which could also be an opportunity to partner with DePaul.

The second tweet, which I thought had good insight, was from Lisa who pointed out that Seton Hall has not done a good job in trying to stop rumors flying around school and on social media. I also believe that SHU does a poor job in responding and keeping open communication with students.

Unfortunately, wordpress is not allowing me to embed the tweet so I will post a URL and screenshot.





My favorite beauty blogs

The first blog I like is called Shes in the glow and is a beauty blog for millennials and has make up tutorials and lifestyle tips.

The second blog I like is called Cult of Pretty and talks about new cult classics and what’s trending in beauty and fashion.

The third blog I like is called A Model Recommends, which was created by Model Ruth Chilly and has information on backstage tips, product picks and how-tos from a models perspective.

Blog Pitch

President Esteban,

As we bring Seton Hall University into the social media age, I believe that Seton Hall could benefit from a single outlet to give a voice to you and your team. What I propose is a blog that could be utilized in order discuss the issues you see facing higher education. This platform could be a great tool not only to promote the school but also to give it a voice in the national discussion.

So what is a blog you may ask, well it is an online content management system and way to publish your own content on your own terms. It utilizes a two-way communication system, which allows users to comment on posts and provide feedback.

There are three characteristics to a good blog. The first is to make sure your site is frequently updated in chronological order. The second characteristic is that each post receives a headline and content, which can include graphics and links. The third is to allow comments in order to receive feedback from readers.

These three characteristics will not only help the blog grow but will also help you learn how to make the posts better and better. Blogs are also a great public relations tool because they are a platform for connecting with the public. A public relations professional must bridge the gap between client and public and blog allows them to receive public feedback while addressing issues in an open and honest manner. Not only are blogs written by real people, but they are also completely customizable, as Ian Felton has explained in “Blogs as Excellent Public Relations Tools.” He explains that the traditional media has started visiting blogs because it is an outlet that sends all new posts to anyone who follows it.

A couple tips for building a personal branded blog is firstly to focus on Content, says Sarah Green, writer of “Key Strategies for Using Blogging to Build Personal Brand.” She continues to explain that material should be relevant to the topic and that it can attract new customers while retaining regulars. The layout is also important and a visual identity will make your blog more memorable. Her final suggestion is to make sure that all your social media platforms are connected so that there is an intermedia relationship between all accounts.

I believe that this blog could create the perfect platform in order to join the discussion in higher education and showcasing what Seton Hall’s views are on many topics.

The best target audiences for a Seton Hall blog is as follows:

  1. Active students: Students already have an idea about the SHU vision and are able to bring a bigger network through sharing on social media.
  2. Prospective student: This blog could really display what you love most about SHU and give prospective student insight into what they could expect.
  3. The higher education community: If this blog specifically discusses higher education then this community is good for continuing the swapping of ideas.
  4. The Catholic Church: There will be posts specifically about the catholic faith as this is a religious institution.
  5. Parents: This is a way to gain feedback from parents on many topics that arise at SHU.

If you have any questions about how to start a blog, this video can guide you through the first steps in making your new platform.

Other blogs that are some good inspiration are Wesleyan University, and Washington College.

I hope you found this information interesting and will get started on a blog as soon as you can!


Barbara Horning


Brittany and Barbara’s Twitter Scavenger Hunt-Seton Hall Edition

We had a lot of fun and learned some things we didn’t know on this scavenger hunt about Seton Hall. We choose to showcase what we think is great about Seton Hall and we want to share that with you.

Introduction Tweets:

School Spirit: We chose Marisa because she is definitely a huge Pirates fan but, she also is very dedicated to the school with her studies and within the Greek Community on campus.

Favorite eating spot: We wanted to find something different because everyone seems to dislike the food in the caf so, we wanted to find someone who actually enjoyed it!

Professor on the street: Dr. Shana Russell was chosen for the professor on the street because she young enough that she is on every major social media platform but still old enough to still have seen the rise of social media.

Student on the street: Denise was an interesting subject for the Student on the Street category because she actually does not like to get her news from social media or anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Academic Excellence: Although Seton Hall has an amazing scientific research facility, we choose to highlight the interactive Seminarian program. The catholic teachings at this school are very important to the curriculum. This year the Seminarians were able to go on the same pilgrimage that Jesus observed in Israel. They were very moved by their experiences and I think it’s important to advertise that to prospective students.

Scenic Spot: I choose to showcase the beautiful South Mountain Reservation that is just a couple blocks away from the Seton Hall campus. This area has numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the reservation and many locals can be seen on a morning stroll or an afternoon picnic.

Little-Known Fact: We wanted to showcase how diverse Seton Hall is and how the student population is a great cultural hub. This also showcases connections with other countries and the notion of studying abroad.

Fanatic Fans: Rebecca Marcinko and Kaitlyn Bunch are members of the Seton Hall Band and attend all basketball games. They enjoy playing in the band so much that they aren’t bothered if the team isn’t doing so well.

Extracurricular Extravaganza: Greek life has grown so much on campus, I wanted to showcase the good that it does instead of what is shown TV and in movies.

Freestyle: As for our freestyle post, we wanted to showcase not only the girls volleyball team but also the fact that Seton Hall has an intramural sports program that students who just want to play for fun can join.

Video: I wanted to show the housing opportunities around Seton Hall so I decided to make a video of the view of NYC from the Ivy Hill Apartments, which are a cheap housing option located directly behind campus.

Top 5 best Scavenger posts:

  1. The first post we liked is by Megan Stolarz and was about the Seton Hall Radio, which we think is a great feature of the school.

2. The second post we liked was about hanging in Dunkin before class, which is an usual occurrence for any Seton Hall student.

3. We loved this tweet by Nick because of the school spirit and funnily enough we thought about asking Tim for a quote too!

4. The fourth tweet we liked was about architecture in Mcnulty, which is really amazing and we think it’s good to showcase that.

5. Finally, we loved this picture of the campus chapel, it’s so beautiful and a safe place for many students.

Response tweet:


The most interesting thing about the scavenger hunt was going around searching for various opinions of what the question was, it would have been boring if everyone said the same exact thing. However, that was also the most difficult part of the scavenger hunt. Although it was tough and took us longer than expected, we still had a fun time going around and asking people for quotes and their opinions.

Collaboration in Journalism and PR

Collaborative journalism is a type of journalism that utilized multiple sources and contributors in order to create a story. It is important because it is a collaboration of effort, which helps round out a story. So why do we collaborate? One reason is that technology is always changing and having different people working on one project is a way to keep up with the rapid growth of technology because one person may know something the others didn’t. There a many types of collaboration, one would be Continue reading

Social Media Revolution and What That Means for Traditional Media Outlets

In recent years, social media has taken over the internet. We realized this was a phenomenon when the death of Osama Bin Laden was narrated on twitter by a nearby villager. In the Economist’s article “The people formerly known as the Audience” there is a visible shift in the idea of what an audience is. It is interesting that such a small percentage of the population is on Twitter than Facebook, however Twitter is the biggest influencer and source for news. This also brings up the topic of fake news and since everyone can share something with the press of a button, how are they verifying their sources?

Journalism has also been quite impacted as Clay Shirley explains in “Last Call: The End of Printed Newspaper.” Both shirley and The Economist agree that news outlet have completely changed and newspapers are not benefiting from it. Many are closing down or having to fire integral parts of the team because the standard is different. Now reporters must be on top of what is trending and interesting in order to be ahead of their peers. Instead of editing videos, news channels are using eyewitness recordings with no editing. A great point Shirley made was that journalists can no longer rely on their employers to provide opportunities to learn new skills to help boost them into the new social media age. This would mostly affect older reporters who are experienced but have a hard time keeping up with the constant stream of information and technology. I thought it was interesting that Shirley mentioned Al Jazeera and how they have been drawing on social media, which I think is very smart because in the middle east people are much farther spread and social media helps bridge that distance. Not everyone has access or the ability to contact Al Jazeera, however many have access to social media and can even live tweet about a current event.

Social media has definitely changed the way people see the world and how we discuss current events. Robert Wynne discussed the future of public relations and how it will continue to adjust to social media in “The Future of Public Relations: Three Forks in the Road.” He believes that there is still opportunity for new outlets because it is still a credible source and can bring more viewership onto a topic. However, a big problem is that public relations firms are being asked to do more but be payed less because since social media is free it brings down public relation’s worth. The PR professional’s role is changing and now more than ever is it important to be apart of social media. Instead of bring the story to people’s attention, PR professionals are using social media to influence public opinion such as commenting on articles or sharing promotion on their own pages. This move toward secret PR strategy will be difficult for older professionals who are not involved in the social media aspect. However, it will be interesting to see how new recruits will be able to mold these new methods.

I have high hopes for the public relations world, however I do worry for journalism, will they be irrelevant in 10 years, or will they prevail?

Stay tuned.